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Together we make advertising

We are a small Swedish independent advertising agency with roots in Gothenburg. Our Gothenburg design and advertising is strong internationally, whether it is a finance company in Abu Dhabi, an Italian villa or a Spanish restaurant. We at LIVE know that nice design and good advertising helps businesses grow.

A selection of our work

  • Juan Font
  • Anita June
  • JOOL Ginetta GT5 Challenge - Photography and Retouch
  • Fiskekrogen logotype
    Fiskekrogen - New website
  • Vivona - New logo design

LIVE is a creative, flexible and stable full-service agency that has delivered consistent and good results since 2002. We work from the network method. Our network gives us the ability to choose the very best people in the industry that produces and delivers to us. We start up and run each project and during the process we make sure to bring in the expertise that we think we need to make you as a customer satisfied.

Daniel Ivelind

Creative Director

As Creative Director, I make sure that both we at the firm and our clients are satisfied. At home I’m renovating Vespas, the older the better. Check out my blogs and I spend a lot of time with my children and we teach each other a lot every day.

Emma Edwards

Art Director Assistant | Designer

Emma brightens our days with original ideas and concepts. In addition to design and creativity, Emma likes to spend time on her hobbies- such as music, travel and art and of course with her family and friends.

Sarah Hyrenius

Art Director Assistant (on parental leave)

The problem solving Art Director Assistant who always holds in multiple threads and who likes to write post-it notes. When she’s not figuring on new ideas so she plays futsal, visiting the capital or hanging with friends.

Sarah is currently on parental leave.


Digital marketing

If you are not visible, so you don’t exist. It’s a fact that online advertising through Facebook, Google, Youtube generate lots of traffic. The secret is to qualify the traffic and convert the visitors to its correct destination. We work tightly together with your ordinary web and other traditional campaigns hand in hand to achieve the best results.


We have many years of experience in web and always make sure to be familiar with the very latest. We work a lot with WordPress as a base where we create a site that you can manage and control. All our sites are customized with SEO from the beginning, and of course we are available for support when the site is delivered and ready.


Printed Matter

With the graphic profile as a basis, we create an attractive and creative packaging of your company in physical form. A product that gets the recipient to turn the page, feel and witness the paper quality, in exciting format, whether it’s about 10 or 100 pages.


The idea of all, simply. What you will say and be. A good concept is unique and different. And then you have to bring it to reality. And to implement it. To go all the way. This is what we do on LIVE.


To get the brand on a broad front, the best way is to use all the media and a wide network, but it costs. Then option would be to spend money on the right thing to be a hot option.


This is where it starts. Along with the logo, we create your corporate identity and expression, and from there we run into all other communications.


A word you hear often. But it’s still important. We create a graphic expression that represents what your company stands for.


The right message in the right magazine with a creative solution that awakens curiosity.

LIVE Reklambyrå

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