ESS-ENN Timber

New graphic profile & website

ESS-ENN Timber is a Småland producer of edge glued panels, biofuel, sawn and planed wood products. With sustainability in focus and one of Sweden’s largest and most modern facilities, they set the bar high for the entire wood industry. LIVE has collaborated with ESS-ENN for several years and was commissioned to create a new graphic profile and website. See results below.

LIVE take care of the maintenance of the site continuously and always works to achieve maximum results in performance, user-friendliness and SEO. 

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The logo is used primarily in 100% Forest Green or 100% White. We use the Forest Green logo against white, light gray, and light image backgrounds. We use the white logo against darker backgrounds and dark image areas.


Primary colors
ESS-ENN’s primary colors are Forest Green, Wood and Light Blue. These colors must be used in all communication. Forest green is the dominant color that stands above the other two primary colors.

Secondary color
ESS-ENN’s secondary color is Spruce Shot, which complements the primary colors and should be used very sparingly. Mainly used for CTA buttons, icons, quotes, information graphics and other supporting graphics / typography that need to be highlighted.