JOOL Group

New graphic profile, yearbook & website

The collaboration with JOOL Group is in full speed! We can now proudly display their new graphic profile, yearbook and new website. See results below.

LIVE also take care of the maintenance of the site and work continuously to get maximum results on performance, user-friendliness and SEO.

Visit website here.



The logo is used primarily in 70% black or 100% white. We use the black logo to advantage against white, light gray, and light image backgrounds. We use the white logo against darker backgrounds and dark image areas.


Primary colors
JOOL Group’s primary colors are Kalksten, Dimma, Silvergrå and Grå skiffer. These colors must be used in all communication.

Secondary colors
JOOL Group’s secondary colors are Morgondagg, Sand and Skogstjärn. These colors complement the primary colors and should be used sparingly.


Cormorant Garamond – A classic elegant font with character that works in all communication, both print and digital.

Inter – A font with high readability that works in all communication, both print and digital.