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The web is the hub of it all. This is where all parts meet. LIVE has a long experience of web and we know how to create a site to get the best possible experience based on each customer’s wishes and unique needs, regardless of whether it is a webshop or a simple web page for your company. We value every single web we create and always make sure to keep an eye on how it performs. If you choose LIVE, you not only get one web, you get more than that. We always make sure to keep it optimized, adapt it to SEO, measure results and keep it updated with the latest, among other things.


A website is usually created to be able to sell services, products or showcase your business. Websites are usually located on a web host, in our case we are resellers to Loopia. There are several different web hosts where what can differ is price, traffic capacity, storage space, databases, availability, etc.

We use CMS systems and build our websites in WordPress, which is both an easy-to-use and flexible software. With WordPress as a platform, we can offer you your own login where you can administer and adjust the content on your site.

Our websites are always SEO-adapted, we make sure that your website contains the right content and in this way can reach the desired target group. Read more about SEO below.


An online shop is for you who want to sell products and expand your brand online. Many companies realize that it is time to take the plunge into e-commerce. We help you along the way and check your unique needs and conditions. An online store has several advantages, including the low operating cost and availability around the clock.

We create our web shops with several different solutions, including WordPress WooCommerce and of course we connect everything with your business system. With WordPress as a platform, you have the opportunity to both sell products and publish content in a smooth and cost-effective way.

WooCommerce has extensions that make it possible to connect business systems and cash register systems. This makes it easy to sync customer data, item data, order data and stock balance between the systems.

  Web design

Web design refers to the craft of giving a website a basic graphic design and structure. This includes determining the sizes and placement of surfaces, typography, color scales, manner or style of images, icons, logos and other graphic elements. The competition on websites is growing and therefore it is important to be able to create a unique website.

When you surf the web, you want everything to go fast, otherwise you lose interest and prefer another site. Therefore, it is important to have a website that is fast, easy to use and interesting for the visitor.

Today, people surf from both mobile, tablet and computer, therefore it is also important that the website can be adapted to the user’s device, so-called responsive website.

Read more about design here!


Search engine optimization, or abbreviated SEO, is a collective name for the various methods and techniques used to make a website in an organic way, in contrast to paid marketing by search engines, appear as high as possible on as many lucrative keywords. as possible among the search results in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

We offer ongoing work and analysis as well as reports for follow-up to help you achieve your goals. Many of our websites we build come high on search results already at launch, but sometimes you are in a highly competitive industry where you have to work a little extra and possibly support with a little SEM Search Engine Marketing which is paid marketing.

   Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool. The service registers which web pages the visitors use, stores it and presents it as statistics. We have tailored reports that in a clear way help you follow your website’s statistics. This is an important tool for getting to know your visitors and being able to find the right measures to reach even more visitors.