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LIVE Reklambyrå AB

Odinslundsgatan 3
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Creative Director

Daniel Ivelind

Owner & Creative Director

With over 25 years of experience in marketing and advertising, Daniel has deep expertise in formulating broad strategies that encompass everything from brand development and design to impactful brand-building communication. His expertise includes crafting complex communication strategies and creative campaigns that engage the target audience and strengthen the brand’s position in the market.

Daniel is highly skilled in:

  • Advertising strategy
  • Brand positioning & brand building
  • Creative processes

As a Creative Director, Daniel ensure satisfaction for both our agency and our clients. With extensive experience in the advertising industry, Daniel have been leading LIVE Advertising Agency since 2001 and enjoy witnessing the growth of our clients.


Ella Persson

Web producer

Ella is a passionate web producer with a strong combination of technical expertise and aesthetic sense. With a natural curiosity and problem-solving ability, Ella has a special talent for integrating technology and design in the creation of web solutions that are not only functional but also visually appealing. In her role at the agency, she has led several projects from concept to launch, demonstrating her ability to tackle tricky digital challenges while keeping up with the latest trends.

In addition to her skill behind the web and design, Ella also excels behind the camera. With a creative approach and technical precision, she captures the right moments through the lens.

Digital content designer

Bianka Farkas Szabó

Digital Content Designer

Bianka is an ambitious and curious individual with a passion for design and creativity. In her role as a Digital Content Designer, she is meticulous and always strives to find solutions that satisfy customers. In addition to her passion for digital design and creativity, Bianka is also skilled in print production and video editing. She tackles print projects from start to finish with impressive precision and handles video editing with expertise to create engaging and professional videos. Bianka is a versatile creator who approaches various design challenges with strong dedication to deliver high-quality results to our customers.

Social media content creator

Hampus Jaanson

Social Media Content Creator

Hampus is a positive individual who enjoys taking on new challenges. As a driven content creator, he uses his genuine fascination and interest to understand the audience and create engaging content for our clients, including images, videos, copy, and design. With a broad educational background, Hampus has both theoretical and practical knowledge in various areas, which he leverages to continuously develop his work and ensure that clients’ needs are met.

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